About the artist


Isabella Kocum (born1962) uses a number of technics including printmaking, sculptor and ceramic to create her unique art. With solid technical skill and ability to create exquisite combination of movement and colours. Isabella Kocum explores themes related to ancient stories to link her work with viewers, inspiring them to form their own interpretations. Isabella Kocum has spent time in the gilding profession and the influence can be seen in her choices of colours combined with gold and lustrous glazes to make them far more complex than their assertive appearance suggests.


Isabella Kocum was born in Switzerland to a Swiss – Austrian Family. Growing up in a musical family she started to study dance at aged 5 and this became a lifelong passion.

In 1979 she went to the Art School in Bern, specializing in gilding and graduated three years later.

Motivated by her then dance teacher Alain Bernard she moved in 1982 to New York to train at the Alvin Ailey Dance School Horton technique, also training with David Howard in classical ballet and studied acting at the HB Studio.

In 1988 she was awarded a scholarship for Dance at the Cite des Arts in Paris.

In 1990 she moved to London and after a life in dance she returned to her gilding career and started with a teaching position at the City Lit and also worked as a frame restorer at Fine Frames for Riccardo Giaccherini, before she took up employment as a frame conservator at the National Gallery in 1995. There in 1997 she met the artist in residence the sculptor Ana Maria Pacheco. She works occasionally on Pacheco’s sculpture and is responsible for the gilding. Their friendship proofed fruitful in encouragement for Isabella to create her own works.

In 2008 she took up ceramics and studied in Lewisham Art House thought by Shirley Stewart. She learned lustre glaze technique under Myra Toth at the Beatrice Wood Centre for the Arts in Ojai California.


National Original Print Exhibition, London / Print – 2014

Atelier Deux, Bern, Switzerland / Print and Ceramic – 2014

BAR Gallery, London / Print – 2015

Atelier Deux, Bern, Switzerland / Print and Ceramic – 2015

Salon des Refusés, Space Gallery, London / Print 2015

The Clay Studio, Philadelphia USA/ Ceramic  2015

Three Lustrous Women; Sooz Glazebrook, Myra Toth and Isabella Kocum @ Gallery 525, Ojai, California USA / Ceramic 2016

Gallery 525 feature several artist, Ojai, California USA 2017



Minor contribution to The Encyclopaedia of Picture Framing Technics by Robert Cumming  – 1993

Imaging Science Journal, A New Century for Frames – 14/05/2012


Art workers Guild



Cite des Arts, Paris , Scholarship for Dance – 1988